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About Gooi Global

Providing Innovative Business Solutions

We enable firms to optimize the value that their operations deliver to customers and investors

Who We Are.

Gooi Global, Inc. is a vertically-aligned public holding company that invests in unique, revenue-generating, business platforms in the financial and data analytics industries. Through the synergistic nature of our verticals, the investments in these business platforms bring value to the marketplace and propel the valuation of our stock.

What We Do.

We aim to increase revenue, decrease costs, and elevate the value of our financial, data, and wealth-driven verticals by investing in companies that reflect our business model and bring value to the collaborative nature of our company. This will strengthen the cohesive structure of Gooi Global, Inc. and bring overall growth to the financial and data analytics industries.

Our Mission.

We strive to create and align a portfolio of revenue-generating companies that meet the growing demands of the marketplace. Our goal is to establish and maintain a cohesive, collaborative environment for our companies; we believe they thrive better together, rather than apart.