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We aim to democratize capital, wealth creation, and regulatory compliance for the innovation economy.

Innovative Business Solutions

Helping companies with financing, operating infrastructure, and managerial assistance.

Remain Competitive

Our expertise in data deployment can help you grow in an uncertain regulatory climate.

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Gooi GlobalInvesting In The Future

Gooi Global is a holding company that invests in companies providing products to small and mid-sized financial institutions, enablling them to remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

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Why choose Us?

Gooi MortgageClient Centric Fulfillment Servicer

Gooi Mortgage, Inc. partners with small to mid-sized financial institutions to provide back office mortgage solutions. Utilizing a comprehensive array of tools, we aim to provide a personalized customer experience.

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Why choose Us?

MorelityMaking Decisions Driven By Data

Morelity aims to make big data tools simple for multiple types of smaller financial institutions. Utilizing the Morelity platform these institutions are able to execute on their data more efficiently.

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